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Our School at a Glance
Our school has established strong presence in the legal academy since 2009, and it has been dedicated to finding legal solutions to the greatest challenges of the day, and to developing youth leaders with global vision who are capable of resolving the acute problems facing the world.  
Our school has more than 30 resident professors and appoximately 20 adjunct  professors. 
Our school has approximately 1,000 students, which includes 776 undergraduates, 181 postgraduates and 25 doctoral candidates.
Our school has committed to becoming one of the world's most influential research and teaching institutions which is empirically rich and intellectual rigorous, broad-based and individualized.
Our school's mission is to strive constantly for excellence in teaching and research, and to foster our students to lead and serve in today's competitive world.
Justice; Inclusiveness; Collaboration; Excellence
The Forum Romanum is the landmark of our campus reminding us of a famous motto: ”All Roads Lead to Rome“.SOIL, an English word, is also the abbreviation of our school's name indicating the fertile land. The Shadow of the Earth's Figure symbolizes our diversity. And the Olive Branch represents our striving for peace and harmony. Our School Emblem as a whole demonstrates our ambition to create a community of students and faculty members that reflects the diversity of our world and an interdisciplinary and dynamic environment that encourages students to cross academic as well as geographic boundaries in their pursuit of knowledge.
Ocean Blue is the color of inclusiveness, collaboration, responsibility, enthusiasm, inspiration and sincerity.
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