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Areas of study
Open Courses
Case Study on International Trade Law
This is a bilingual, optional course which focuses on case analysis.
Analysis of WTO Cases
This is a bilingual, optional course introducing the legal framework, policies and jurisprudence of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Characteristic Courses
The Law and Practice of Foreign-related Trade
International trade industry needs not only legal experts who have expertise in related legislations, but also they should be familiar with the related procedures of legal practice.
The Law and Practice of Foreign-related Project Finance
This is an optional course which uses the case study method to instruct students through the whole process of project finance law studying.
Moot Court
This course was delivered by Wang Heng who is the professor and PhD candidate supervisor of International Law School of SWUPL and Feng Xuewei who is the senior copartner of Jin Tian law firm

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