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Adjunct Professors

Part-time Professors

Duan Jielong, Chinese Consul General and Ambassador to Sydney

Huang Huikang, Director-general of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Department of Treaty and Law, Professor

Yang Guohua, Deputy Director-general of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China Department of Treaty and Law

Hao Ming, Committer of Party Working Committee of Liangjiang District, Chongqing; Deputy Director ofAdministrative Committee of Liangjiang District, Chongqing

Wang Han, Deputy Principal of NWUPL, Professor, PhD Candidate Supervisor

Wang Guiguo, Dean of Law School of City University of Hong Kong, Professor, PhD Candidate Supervisor

Sun Jinzhong, Section Chief of International Bureau of Policy Research Office of CPC Central Committee

Liu Daqun, Dean of Institute of International Law

Xu Chongli, Dean of Law School of Xiamen University, Professor, PhD Candidate Supervisor

Chen An, Professor of School of Law of Xiamen University, PhD Candidate Supervisor

Chen Min, Secretary General of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Southwest Sub-Commissions

Wang Jiguang, Deputy Director of Governmental Port Management Office Chongqing

Dong Shi, Director of Ministry of Justice P.R.C. Office in Shenzhen

Su Hao, Director of Center for Strategic and Conflict Management of China Foreign Affairs University, Professor, PhD Candidate Supervisor

Men Honghua, Deputy director of Center for strategic and International Studies of Central Committee of the CCP Party school, Professor, PhD Candidate Supervisor

Mu Yaping, Director of WTO & CEPA Law Research Centre of Zhongshan University, Professor


Visiting Professors

Cheng Shoutai, Director of Tai He Tai Law Firm

Wang Yonggang, President of Chongqing Collection Association

Liu Huayuan, President of Thailand-China Law Society of Thailand

Shi Wen, Director of Hainan Arbitration Committee

Zheng Heguo, Chairman of Board, Shanghai Jian Tong Investment Co., Ltd

Yin Xiaming, Chairman of Board, Shanghai Ding Xun Industrial Corporation Limited

Resident professors 
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