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China-ASEAN Law Review
As an important outcome of the Fourth China-ASEAN Forum on Legal Cooperation and Development, China-ASEAN Law Review (CALR) is an academic publication designed for China and ASEAN law professionals by China-ASEAN Legal Research Center.
The first issue of CALR mainly includes seventeen articles collected from speeches or forum papers by authors from Brunei Darussalam, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam in the Fourth China-ASEAN Top Forum on Legal Cooperation and Development. Those papers to some extent represent the latest research achievements of China and ASEAN countries’ lawyers to local and regional legal issues, and spirit of exploration and cooperation obviously develops from the collision sparks of thoughts.
CALR will provide a persistent communication platform for the construction of local legal system, on which professionals and scholars from different nations in various domains will be able to follow up problems that may affect the normal operation of CAFTA in time and actively put judicial assistance , civil and commercial dispute settlement mechanisms as well as legal coordination mechanism, which are in line with the international rules and practices, to the practical requirement of FTA and generally acceptable to FTA members, to prevent and reduce business risks and investment disputes ultimately, ciliate the progress of China-ASEAN FTA legal system construction. Furthermore, the publication of CALR will open up a new channel available for exchanging of ideas among government officials, legal professionals and entrepreneurs from China and ASEAN countries. And it will also open a brand new chapter for the construction of the Legal Research Center in operation.
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