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WTO Law Series
Selected WTO Cases
China's accession to the WTO has provided us with 16 dispute settlement reports including the Panel and Appellate Body Reports. The content of these two books are elaborately selected  WTO reports in English including U.S. — Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties, U.S. — Poultry, China — Exportation of Raw Materials, EC — Fasteners, etc. An essential addition to the library of all practicing and academic lawyers, and needed by the students who take courses of WTO law. WTO reports show us excellent legal analysis which reflect the strictness and rationality of law. By studying such kind of reports, students could develop the ability of logical and innovative thinking which will definitely benefit them in a long haul. 
Discovering the WTO

Learn law must include learn legal methods of thinking, in particular, reasoning and arguing methods. This way of thinking are useful no matter what kind of job engaged. Our "WTO topics" course is an attempt to this way of thinking. We have always kept constantly questioning. We do not believe the authority and search the detailed exploration of the problem. Through case studies selected in this book, we corrected the errors of thinking, extend the field of thinking, and open the windows of thinking.






Conceptions of WTO

China has been one of  WTO members more than a decade. Needless to say, WTO has brought a lot of benefits to China. Over the years, we have experienced a lot of lawsuits in the WTO. What were the changes of our understanding of WTO? More importantly, over the past decade, what impacts did WTO have against China ? Of course, when evaluate how we are doing, we should not only pay attention to our own thinking, but also look at other people's reviews. This book made a comprehensive and in-depth exposition to WTO from concept, evaluation, experience, and ideas etc perspectives.





Teaching methods at law school: Exploring and debating-A Study on Teaching and Researching the WTO Cases

This book contains the the great debate records towards law teaching methods among forty faculties from different law school. This debate lasted five months . Since the summer of 2012, a group of Chinese experts and scholars related to WTO practice, research and teaching organized a academic circles of WTO practice, teaching, theoretical ——AC WTO on the web. This circle is in the leading and driving of Dr.Yang Guohua, who is the Deputy Director of Treaty and Law of Commerce Department.This text is a part of the discussions as well as the main content of the Record during a few months since the AC WTO set up.

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