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As the first English juristic journal in southwest China, Youth Review of International and Comparative Law, abbreviated as Youth Review, is sponsored by the International Law School Students’ Union and the Postgraduate Students’ Union of SWUPL, with the cooperation of the Foreign Languages School Students’ Union, and the students from International Legal Elite Program hold the post of editor. The first volume of Youth Review has three columns: academic research, frontier cases & latest laws and more than a dozen articles relating to China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, WTO, Intellectual Property, Public Interest Litigation, etc.

The purpose of Youth Review is to provide a platform for faculty members and students to publish their views, to facilitate academic discussions about hotspot issues and to promote cross-culture communications. The range of perspectives will definitely contribute to educational excellence.



Solicit Contributions


Papers are in English, abstrct and key words in Chinese are also needed.

Papers must be orginal works.

References must be marked distinctly. 

Submission Channels:

Email to yroical@yahoo.com.cn

Papers Selection Mechanism:

Editorial Comittee has a preliminary examination.

Renowned scholars make a second and a final judgement.

Contributor who publishes three papers or more can be elected as a freelance editor. The new period of Youth Review of International and Comparative Law will be more vivifying with your participation!


SWUPL International Law School Students’ Union

SWUPL International Law Graduate Students’ Union


SWUPL Foreign Languages Students’ Union


The First Volume of Youth Review of International and Comparative Law (PDF)

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