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The Law and Practice of Foreign-related Trade

Course Teacher
Professor Zhang Xiaojun, dean of International Law School, SWUPL

International trade industry needs not only legal experts who have expertise in related legislations, but also they should be familiar with the related procedures of legal practice. This optional course provides students with the opportunities to be exposed to some relevant practical departments which aims to encourage students to pursue knowledge beyond traditional boundaries.

Our school is proud of its strong connections with numerous practical departments which can afford our students a breadth of practice opportunities. In this course, students have the chance to go to Chongqing Chamber of International Commerce, Chongqing Customers, etc. Through studying at these off-campus "Teaching Factory", students will not only be guided to aquire the necessary skills needed to work in law firms, companies, and public services, but also aquire the methodology making them able to work in any kind of legal situations. After completing this course, students are expected to have the basic capabilities in dealing with transnational trade disputes.

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